Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The question is asked many times over, "How is Noah doing?"  To be honest, at this point of the game Noah seems to be doing fantastic.  Really.  This summer, his first summer in America, has been full of a lot of adventures.  

When I was in Ireland with my daughter, Noah and the rest of the men of the family took a road trip north to Seattle.  They caught a Mariners game...something so foreign to Noah that according to Jeff the size and scope of Safeco Field blew Noah's socks off!   Jeff said by the 5th inning he was dancing in the aisles and singing along with the rest of the fans.  He really does live by the motto, "If you can't beat them...join them."    After a night at grandma's in Seattle they headed down to the Great Wolf Lodge...and indoor waterpark that basically could be described as what a casino is to adults...the Great Wolf Lodge is to kids.  Every day since then Noah has begged to go back.  He has no fear so he was riding the biggest rides they have.  One, my husband described to me, was like a giant toilet bowl.  Imagine 4 bugs strapped to a leaf spinning down a  toilet bowl vortex and that was Noah and his brothers on one of the raft rides there.  Let's just say I am glad I was half a world away.   : >)  I wish I had pictures of the whole adventure but Jeff forgot the camera...I guess I should'nt be too mad though.  At least he didn't forget to bring a kid. : >)
On the home front...Noah has been busy with tutoring and swim lessons.  Noah is now reading at about a 1.8 grade level which basically is equal to his classmates.  Phew...I am so so so very relieved that he has caught up in less than a year.  He still has trouble transferring information because of the language but he really has made incredible gains over the past several months. 
We have a pool at our house but have only allowed Noah in it with water wings.  Since swim lessons started 2 weeks ago however, he has proven himself to be a very strong swimmer.  So far removed from our spring break where he actually almost made the life guard at the hotel in Washington DC get wet!!  He no longer looks like he is splashing in an Ethiopia water hole but is actually using the correct kicks and strokes.  Check another thing off the list. : >)

Now and then Noah's behavior has a setback.  We expect it so we are ready to lay down the law. Today he missed a play date with a  friend as part of the consequence of some naughty behavior at swimming yesterday.  It really hit home with him and the tears fell.  As hard as it was I stuck by my guns...and I know for a fact he has learned his lesson.  Friends and playdates are his LIFE!!  

So...that's the lowdown on Noah.  This weekend we are very very excited to welcome Mr. Ato Teklu to our home.  He is the director of WACAP adoptions in Ethiopia.  He is in America for a short visit.  Noah is beyond excited and is counting down the days and hours until he can see his Teklu again.  What a special man...I am excited for my family to meet him as well.

Duty calls...back to work.